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The Customer Engagement Hub: What It Is, Why You Need It, and How to Get Started    

Customer engagement is the key to business success. It’s also a highly desirable practice that most companies would like to try, but many aren’t sure where to start. Thankfully, there are some resources out there for creating and implementing an effective customer engagement strategy, such as HubSpot’s Customer Engagement Hub (CEH).

Let’s learn more about what the CEH does, why it’s useful, and how you can use it to take your customer engagement practices to the next level.

What is Customer Engagement Hub (CEH)   

A customer engagement hub (CEH) is a place where all your company’s customers come together. Whether they’re online, on the phone or in person. The idea is that they can access information about the company’s products and services without being redirected to different departments.

The CEH not only gives customers a one-stop-shop experience but also allows companies to track their interactions with them more effectively. There are many benefits of having a CEH. Including: Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty; faster response times; reduced contact center volume; better use of staff resources; better tracking of individual customer activity; higher conversion rates; and improved lead generation results.

These benefits are possible because CEHs reduce friction points in the process of providing service to a customer and make it easier for employees across departments to collaborate.

Why Do Businesses Need a Customer Engagement Hub Technology?

Customer engagement is the art of engaging customers with a business through a wide range of channels. Technology has come a long way in helping businesses do this more effectively. One emerging solution is the customer engagement hub (CEH) which integrates all customer touch points into one centralized location. That can be accessed by employees, partners, vendors and customers.

The CEH creates flexibility in terms of how you interact with customers across all channels. While also providing your company with new insights into what they want from your business. For example, many businesses have found success in using the CEH as a place. Where they store customer data so it’s available when needed. However, others use the system to create personalized content for each customer segment based on their specific needs or interests. The possibilities are endless depending on the type of information your company collects about its customers. Regardless of what you choose to do, a CEH will help you improve customer satisfaction by giving them a better experience. Regardless of where they are in your customer journey.

Benefits of Next Generation Engagement Hub for Customers

Customer engagement is about more than your customers knowing who you are. They need to know what you have for them in order to grow their interest. The customer engagement hub is a next generation of engagement that encompasses the many channels your customers use to stay connected with your brand.

At its core, the CEH includes an online portal where customers can find all of your content in one place. Social media, blogs, company updates – it’s all there waiting for them. With just a few clicks they’ll be able to interact and share information in real-time. Better yet, they’ll also be able to chat live with your team via chat tools like Slack if they need help or want answers now.

One major benefit is providing employees (and those outside of the organization) a single point of contact for customers. The employee will be equipped with knowledge from across your various business units. So no matter who answers their questions, the answer is always accurate and relevant. Content is automatically updated and refreshed in the CEH. So when a new promotion launches or when new products go on sale. Employees are ready to talk about them. Managers can also monitor how each person on their team is interacting with customers by measuring metrics like call volume, chats, downloads, etc., as well as how well they’re following up on requests. With such visibility into your workforce’s performance it becomes easy to develop staff members who will do great work on behalf of your company!

Analyze customer journey through CEH

Seamlessly bring customers along the whole way. When customers come to your website, show them what promotions or events are happening this week. But don’t make them wait until they’ve filled out all of their information before sharing these messages. Same goes for any sales emails you send out – give people options right away on which deal appeals to them without making them hunt through pages and pages first.

Gain new customers

Sometimes customers decide not to buy because they can’t get clear enough information quickly enough. Your CEH should have plenty of resources available, like FAQs, videos and detailed product descriptions. If someone has to click around the site or go back and forth between pages too much before figuring out what they want, chances are good that instead of converting into a customer, they may bounce off altogether and never return. Make sure you include navigation and navigation bars within your CEH so users never feel lost. Be sure to link pages together clearly and include banners that let visitors know how far they have progressed down the page or other helpful design cues so they never miss anything.

Retain existing customers

Keep your most loyal customers close with a CEH. Give them the chance to share their personal data with you so they can receive offers and deals specific to them and their needs, or simply keep track of items they’ve purchased in the past.

Improve conversion rates

Have you ever clicked on a banner ad, only to end up on a 404 error page? That’s happened to me more times than I care to admit. The CEH solves that problem by placing a form or a button in the banner. As soon as the customer submits their information, they are sent to your landing page or straight to your store.

Benefits of Next Generation Engagement Hub for Companies: Now that you know what the customer engagement hub is and why you need it, here is how to get started. The CEH is more than a marketing tool – it’s an opportunity for your customers to connect with and engage with your company on their terms.

5 Key Tips to Build a Customer Engagement Hub

If you’re looking for a way to effectively engage with your customers on a daily basis, you need the CEH. The CEH can help you offer the best customer service experiences by providing your customers with updates on their orders and upcoming shipments. Here are five tips for building a great customer engagement hub.

Bridge the Gap between People, Process, and Technology

There’s nothing worse than having some important information and not being able to find it because it’s in an email buried in your inbox. Build an easy-to-navigate system that makes everything from emails to product inventory available through a few clicks of the mouse or taps on your phone screen.

Connect Multiple Channels to Core Enterprise Systems

No matter what device they use, your customers should be able to order products online and track them as they go through production.

Automate Time

Consuming Activities. Don’t waste time opening up 30 different tabs when you could just have all the information in one place! Automating routine tasks like sending out welcome packages or generating purchase confirmations will save you precious minutes every day.

Personalize Experiences Based on Past Activity

Offering relevant content to your customers will keep them engaged and coming back for more. Tailor messages based on previous purchases or which products they’ve viewed recently so they always feel valued and recognized.

Adopt an Omni channel Approach

One of the biggest benefits of building a customer engagement hub is the ability to work across multiple channels without getting confused about where you are or what channel you’re using. Utilizing chatbots in combination with video calling services will enable real-time interaction no matter where your customers happen to be. Chatbots are particularly useful for answering simple questions without having to wait on hold, while video calls allow your customer to see exactly how something works. Integrating messaging apps into the mix will also make communicating with customers easier than ever before; they’ll never miss a message again.

Take Advantage of the Service Delivery Management

Managing service delivery is often overwhelming and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. With tools on your side, managing tasks around the office has never been easier. With CEH you can send any task to qualified professionals who live near your location–for small projects like running errands or cleaning the office at night (saving money on a night shift worker), or larger projects like painting the exterior of your house (saving both time and money). Plus, you can assign multiple tasks to the same person and they’ll be completed in a timely manner. This will free up your time to focus on building relationships with your customers and improving customer service.

Automate Customer communication

Once you’re set up with a customer engagement hub. You can automate your customer communications to be sent in a timely manner and with the appropriate frequency. For example, if a customer’s package has been delayed due to bad weather. They will automatically receive an update to let them know they will soon be on the way. It’s always better to proactively communicate than wait until your customers come asking for information.

Implement Predictive Analysis Tools

By keeping an eye on what your customers like and dislike. You can get a glimpse of what they want in the future. Automatically monitor your customer’s behavior to anticipate their needs and offer new products or promotions before they even ask for them.

Offer a Self-Service Portal

Want to improve customer service? Allow your customers to do it themselves with a self-service portal! You’ll be able to connect them to the products and information they need without having to wait for a customer service rep. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg! All you have to do is invest in the technology and provide training for your employees. Contact us today to see how much easier your life can be!

A Quick Wrap

A customer engagement hub is a set of customer experience tools that work in concert with one another. These tools are designed to help you quickly identify and address any issues your customers may be having. They also provide the customer service representatives with the information they need to best serve your customers. A customer engagement hub will help you increase customer loyalty by resolving any issues before they happen. 


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